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Legavision – stimulating legacy giving globally

Legavision is the international network for joint campaigns creating a favourable environment for legacy giving to charities. In many countries, those public awareness campaigns are important drivers of making charitable gifts in wills a social norm.

The network brings together more than 25 international campaigns from different countries, spanning Australasia, Europe and the USA. Our work aims to connect and facilitate knowledge exchange between the campaigns. We are doing this by organising regular network calls, webinars and an annual member conference. Legavision is a platform for joint campaigns learning from each other to maximise their impact.

Legavision conference 

Each year national legacy campaigns gather to share insights, inspiring campaigns, best practices and how to overcome common challenges. This event is a unique opportunity for joint campaigns to come together for an exciting exchange, learning and networking programme.

Are you interested in the work of the network, or do you want to join? Get in touch with us via

Overview joint legacy campaigns in different countries

Australia: Include a Charity
Austria: Vergiss Mein Nicht
Argentina: Legados Solidarios
Canada: Will Power
Czech Republic: Závet pomáhá
Germany: Mein Erbe Tut Gutes
Denmark: Det Gode Testamente
Finland: Hyva Testamentti
France: Testament Solidaire
Ireland: My Legacy
Italy: Testamento Solidale
Japan: Izoukifu
New Zealand: Include a Charity
Northern Ireland: Will to Give
Norway: Det Gode Testament
Poland: Dobry Testament, Napisz Testament
South Korea: Legacy Korea
United Kingdom: Remember a Charity
USA: Leave a Legacy
Singapore: A Greater Gift
Switzerland: Állianz fur das Gemeinwohl

History of joint campaigns

The first joint legacy campaign, Leave A Legacy was set up in the 1990s in the USA by a small collective of charities. Since then, more and more campaigns have been created in many different countries. Europe has become a hotbed of great legacy campaigns. With very successful campaigns like Remember A Charity (UK) or (Belgium).

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